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How Often Should Your Disposable Filters Need to be Changed?
You may have heard different opinions about how often you should change your AC or Furnace filters. Some experts will say that
a 1" disposable filter should be replaced every month, while others say every 3 months. We recommend that you change your
filters every 4-6 weeks or as needed, depending on your situation.  If you have a lot of dust, dirt and debris or pets or allergies we
highly recommend that you should change your filters
every month. Larger size filters should be changed between 4-6 months.
What Can be the Consequences if a Filter is not Replaced?
If a filter is left in place past its effective replacement time it can become clogged by trapped dust and debris thereby restricting
your airflow, which can lead to a/c or furnace failure and higher heating/cooling bills. Also your unit may ice-up and leak water
as well as cause damage to your home.
Is it Necessary to Buy Filters From the Company That Installed My AC or Furnace?
It is not necessary to buy from the company that installed your ac or furnace. There are many other sources who supply
compatible filters at great prices.
How Can a Person Ensure They Are Buying The Correct Filter for Their Model?
This can be found through the documentation supplied with the particular furnace, furnace manufacturer, and the HVAC contractor
who installed the furnace. If none of these are available contact us directly at 954-588-7774 and we will be happy to assist you.
How is a Filter Efficiency Measured?
Filters are measure by a MERV rating. Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV for short, is a filter rating system devised by
the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to standardize and simplify filter
efficiency ratings for the public. The higher the MERV rating, the higher  the efficiency of  the filter. Simply stated, a MERV 8 filter
will remove smaller particles from the air than a MERV 3 filter.
Which Direction Do I Install My Filter?
Usually there are arrows on the frame of the filter that indicates which direction the filter should go. This arrow points in the
direction the air is flowing through the duct system. The arrow should point up or in the direction of the air flow.
If Your AC Filter or Furnace Filter Is Not Changed Could It Cause Damage?
Changing the filter in your home is one of the least expensive things you can do to maintain your HVAC system. After months of
furnace filter neglect serious things can possibly happen. Your furnace may simply break down and you will need to find
replacement parts. If your heat exchanger becomes warped or cracked from the heat build up within your furnace, noxious carbon
monoxide fumes may leak into your home, not only making you sick but also potentially killing you and your entire family.
Can you imagine all of this, simply because you could not be bothered to maintain your furnace filter?

Faulty furnaces have also been known to cause fires, all because the furnace filter wasn't clean, and air couldn't circulate properly
through the furnace and throughout your home. Clean up after a fire is incredibly expensive, and there is no telling what damage
you may in the process.  You can save yourself a lot of stress, a lot of health problems and a whole lot of financial burden simply
by keeping your furnace filters clean, or replacing them often.
What If My AC or Furnace Stops Working?
If you don't know the last time you changed your AC filter or Furnace filter, then there is a good chance your unit will be frozen.
The best thing to do, in this situation, is to turn your thermostat to fan, in the on position - not auto, and make sure the cool or
heat is set in the off position.  Leave your AC or Furnace off for about 2-1/2 - 3 Hours. Make sure you put some towels under your
unit to absorb the excess water.  Then replace your AC filter or Furnace filter and turn your unit back on to your desired
temperature. If your unit continues to leak, or not cool or heat, we recommend you call a licensed professional.
Why Does Your Work Stand Out From Others Who Do What You Do?
We offer FREE Shipping on all orders so you don't have to waste time, money and gas. We provide excellent customer service.
We stand behind our products. We provide custom hard to find sizes on any ac or furnace filter. We cater to each customers
individual needs by making sure they get the right type of filter they are looking for.
What Is The Difference Between AC Filters and Furnace Filters.
A furnace is an indoor unit used in most cases where there is a lot of cold weather. An AC Unit is an indoor unit used in hotter
climates typically in southern states.

All filters are designed to keep your unit clean and your air free of dust, dirt and debris, that passes through your HVAC system.
Keeping dust particles out of your unit will improve your indoor air quality along with extending the life of your furnace or AC Unit.
Higher quality filters trap smaller particles and help reduce allergens in the air.

With the right filter you can improve your health, air quality and life of your HVAC system. It is very important to remember to
change your filters regularly (every 4-6 weeks or as needed).
What is the Difference in Types of Filters?
The first thing you need to know is the condition of your AC unit or Furnace. If your coil is already dirty, you should buy a low
MERV rating filter to give you more air flow, such as our EZ Flow filters.  If your AC or Furnace is less than 3-4 years old, or you
permanent frame and media filter pads. If you use a washable filter, in most cases, it never gets dirty because the dirt and debris
can pass right through the filter, which causes your coil to get dirty or even clogged. When you wash this filter and if you put it
back in your unit wet, it will produce moisture which can cause other problems. We do not recommend washable filters.
What Is A Humidistat and When Is The Best Time To Use One?
A humidistat reads humidity NOT temperature. A humidistat is an instrument used to measure and control humidity within an air
conditioned space.  Excessive humidity can cause mildew or mold. You should use a humidistat only if you are not home for at
least 3-4 months out of the year.  This is a great way to save money on your electric bill.  A humidistat prevents your home from
building up too much moisture so there is no chance of mold.  The humidistat will turn your AC or Furnace on and off to keep the
humidity level down when you are out of town or not home for any length of time. It is not recommended to use a humidistat
when you are at home.
How do I find my A/C Filters or Furnace Filter Dimensions?
Every brand of filters has a different exact size.  Most a/c filters and furnace filters have two sizes: Standard and Actual.  If your
a/c filter or furnace filter actually measures 15-½ x 19-½ x ¾ then the standard size would be 16x20x1.
When determining the size of your a/c filter or furnace filter, it is best to measure your existing filter.  
You do not want your a/c filter or furnace filter to fit too tight, having to force it into place could damage the filter.  If the filter is
too small, it can get sucked up into the return and will not filter the air properly.
Can I Wash or Vacuum My AC or Furnace Filter?
Many people try to wash or vacuum their furnace filters to extend the life. Washing your furnace filter is generally a bad idea.
Many filtering materials do not hold up well when wet.  Washing your furnace filter significantly increases the risk for mold or
microbiological growth on the filter itself (which will release those mold spores into the air that is circulating throughout your
home).  Also, you can never get the filter clean enough, which puts a strain on your unit and restricts your air flow so your
furnace has to run a lot longer to reach the desired temperature.

Vacuuming your furnace filter is a healthier alternative to washing your furnace filter, but is still not recommended. Although you
may slightly prolong the life of your furnace filter, you will probably make a mess doing it, and a vacuumed filter will release a lot
of dust and particles into the ductwork when you first re-install it. Additionally, most furnace filters are made from a delicate
filtering material and are prone to ripping or tearing, which will render the filter useless.
Why Does My Air Conditioner or Furnace Unit Keep Running and Never Cool Properly?
One reason is by having a dirty filter it can restrict your air flow that comes out of your vents.  When you have a new filter in your
AC or furnace unit it will give you the air flow you need.  You always want to change your AC filter or furnace filter on a regular
basis which can save you money on your electric bill.  It will also ensure good health.
Electrostatic filters will remove smaller particles of dust and pollen than most disposable filters, but they need to be washed and
air dried on a monthly basis. They tend to restrict the air flow which slows the air circulation in your home.  This will cause your
AC or furnace to run longer to reach its desired temperature.  This is not a filter that we would recommend.  It is always best to
have the air in your home circulating and filtering the air so you get the cleanest, dust free air for you and your family.  With a
good disposable filter it will ensure good air circulation so your HVAC system does not have to work so hard to reach its desired
temperature. This is one of the best ways to save you money on your electric bill.  
What is the Best Type of Filter Without Restricting Your Air Flow?
We recommend our Flanders Precisionaire EZ Flow Fiberglass Disposable Flat Panel filters. They can be used in both heating
and air conditioning systems and come in a wide variety of sizes. We can also custom make the EZ Flow Filters to your exact size,
if one of the many standard sizes won't work for you. If you are looking for a filter with minimal air flow restriction, then this is the
right filter for you. They are available in 1" and 2" sizes. The EZ Flow disposable filters, are one of the most popular filters in
today's market, designed for protection of AC and furnace HVAC units in residential and light commercial applications.

The EZ Flow Flat Panel filter is a standard grade AC or furnace filter of the same type that has been protecting furnaces and
central air conditioners around the world for over 50 years. The filtering medium is continuous filament spun glass. The frame is
made with one continuous piece of chipboard to guard against corner separation and is strengthened by a metal retainer wall on
the downstream side. For peak equipment protection and energy efficiency, these filters should be changed on a monthly basis
in periods of high use.
What If I Forget To Change My AC or Furnace Filter or Don't Change It At All?
There is more than one problem that can arise from not regularly changing your air filter. These problems can be broken down into
three major categories: Energy Consumption, Mechanical, and Health.

Energy Consumption:
The harder your AC or Furnace system works, the more energy it will consume. The more energy it consumes, the higher your
electric bills. Changing your filters on a regular basis can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars each year.

A dirty air filter of any type may result in extensive damage to the fan blower motor or compressor in your AC or furnace. Dirt and
grime accumulate on crucial moving parts causing them to fail much quicker than expected. This can be very costly and sometimes
leads to a total system replacement. At the very least, your system life expectancy will be reduced significantly.

Most importantly, if you do not change your air filters on a regular basis, it can cause potential health problems for your family.
Consider these facts from the EPA:
*   Each person inhales over 3,500 gallons of air each day. Children inhale more particles for their size than adolescents or adults
*   Polluted air causes 94% of all respiratory problems
*   An estimated 10-15% of the entire population may be allergic to cat or dog dander
*   More than 31 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, about 1/3 are children under 18
*   About 40,000 dust mites, a common household allergen, can live in one ounce of dust
*   A person sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes per day
*  Your air conditioner filter is the primary defense to reduce and hold these health issues at bay. A quality home air filter
changed on a regular basis is a small investment for your family’s health.
Did You Know Changing Your AC or Furnace Filters on A Regular Basic Can Prevent Mold?
Here is a situation that we would like to share with you.  We Change the AC filters on a regular basis at The Inverrary Resort Hotel
located in Lauderhill Florida. They have informed us that by doing this on a regular basis for over a year now, they have eliminated
their MOLD problem completely. So remember to change your air conditioning and furnace filters on a regular basis to prevent any
mold growth. By doing this, you can also keep your coils clean and prevent any dust and debris from clogging your unit. You will
have a better chance of staying healthy and breathing better quality air.
Why is the EZ Flow AC Filters or Furnace Filters So Popular?
They have a very low air flow restriction so your unit can circulate the air being filtered a lot faster in your home or office. Also, you
have less of a chance of your coil freezing up due to the low restriction of air that passes through your coil.  The hot or cold air
flows very well through the EZ Flow Filter which makes these filters so popular.   
If I Change My AC or Furnace Filters On A Regular Basis, Is There Anything Else I Need To Do?
Yes, you should have an AC or Furnace yearly maintenance contract with a licensed air conditioning company and have them
check your unit at least 1 or 2 times a year.  They will check your entire system and do a diagnostic test to make sure your unit is
running at maximum efficiency.  If you have a newer system, you are required to have a licensed air conditioning company do a
maintenance inspection every year.  If a part needs to be replaced and you are not maintaining your unit with an air conditioning
company, they have the right not to replace the part even though it is still under the manufactured warranty.
What Is That Smell Every Year When I Start Up My Furnace?
Typically over the summer when your furnace is not in use the heat exchanger inside your furnace gets coated with a layer of
dust. When you start up your furnace in the fall the heat exchanger burns this dust off which is what you are smelling. This is
normal for most heating equipment that has not run for several months and does not harm your furnace. Perhaps your air furnace
filter needs to be replaced.  It would also be a good idea for you to open your windows and doors for a short period of time at the
initial start up to alleviate the odors.  Also, you want to make sure that there is nothing blocking your return that would give off
any odors.  If the odor from your furnace continues, there may be an opening in your system or other issues that may need to be
addressed. That is when we recommend you call a licensed professional air conditioning company.
How Do I Know If My Furnace Is Leaking Carbon Monoxide?
If you are concerned about carbon monoxide in your home then the smartest thing you can do is to buy a few carbon monoxide
detectors and have a licensed Company install them for you, they will put them throughout your home.  They are well worth the
expense because they can save lives. Most reputable air conditioning contractors have carbon monoxide meters and almost all
gas companies have them as well.  We recommend that a licensed air conditioning company come to your home and measure
the carbon monoxide levels and check your furnace to make sure that there is no leaks in your system.  
How Can Changing Your AC or Furnace Filters Help Your Allergies and Asthma?
When symptoms of asthma or allergies flare up, they can leave you feeling helpless. But there are steps you can
take to eliminate reactions and lessen the intensity of the symptoms. Installing air filters in your heating and air
conditioning units will remove the harmful irritating particles that cause asthmatic and allergic reactions. We
highly recommend our Permanent AC or Furnace Filter Holding Frame with the Disposable Media Filter Pads.
The three channel extended aluminum design keeps the Media Filter Pads firmly in place. The Media Filter Pads
are made of polyester with tackifier on the orange side. You only have to buy the frame once and replace the
Media Filter Pads every 6-8 weeks or as needed. the Frame and Media Filter Pads are custom made to your
exact size. The Media Filter Pads are the best for eliminating airborne particles and is also one of the
BEST FILTERS FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES. The frame has a lifetime warranty.
How Can I Eliminate Dust Throughout My Home?
Dust is actually a combination of dirt, pollen, hair, dead skin, pet dander, dust mites, dust mite feces and a myriad of
microbiological pollutants. Though there is no way to completely eliminate dust, you can control the dust with an
adequate AC Filter or Furnace filter, or by simply changing or upgrading your current filter.
Why Can't I Find My Correct Size AC or Furnace Filter At My Local Home Improvement Store?
Some brands of disposable filters can only be purchased through local dealers, which makes it hard for the consumer to locate
their correct size filter.  At AC Filters 4 Less, we have many sizes in stock and offer our easy online shopping with FREE Shipping
on every order.  We save you time, money and gas. When you buy your AC or Furnace filters from a home improvement store,
most of the time you can’t find your correct size so you end up buying a different size or a more expensive filter that you did not
want. Then you bring it home and discover the filter does not fit and you have to go back to the store and return it just to find out
that they no longer carry your correct size filter.  At AC Filters 4 Less, we can custom make ANY size AC or Furnace filter and you
can buy them from the comfort of your home or office.  So look no further, AC Filters 4 Less is here for you to make sure you are
getting the right size AC or Furnace filter for you and your family, and you can rest assure that you will stay healthy and breath
good clean air by changing your AC or Furnace filters on regular basis.
Tired of Waiting For Your Order To Ship?
Tired of being told one thing and having the opposite happen again and again? Our customer service staff is trained to focus on
reliability. Our people are empowered to get things done right the first time.  When we tell our customers their order has shipped,
it arrives in a timely manner.  A/C Filters 4 Less is a family owned and operated business since 1980. We treat our customers like
they are a part of our family. If you are looking for a solid, reliable company, who cares about their customers, then you can count
on us to provide you with the best quality service and affordable prices for all your AC and Furnace Filter needs.
With the increased prices for gas, we offer the convenience of shopping online where we can save you time, money and gas.  
Our AC and Furnace filters are delivery right to your door or place of business and we never charge extra for shipping.
Copyright 2013 A/C Filters 4 Less LLC
All Rights Reserved
EZ Flow Spun Glass Disposable Filters Merv 3-4
Summer is Just Around the Corner, How Will You Keep Your Cool?
Now that the summer months are approaching, you will be using your air conditioner or furnace daily, so make sure you have
enough ac or furnace filters on hand. By changing or upgrading your ac or furnace filters monthly, you can ensure your air
conditioner or furnace unit will perform at its best. If you do not change your ac or furnace filters regularly, dirt, dust and debris
will build up on your coil and then your unit will have to work harder to maintain the proper temperature. It can also freeze up,
leak water and possibly damage your air conditioning or furnace unit. Dirt and dust are the number one causes of
air conditioning and furnace system failures.
1 Inch Filters1 Inch Pleated Filters2 Inch Filters4-5-6 Inch FiltersMerv 11-13 FiltersFilter ReviewsIn The News
Are New A/C or Furnace Filters Restricting the Air Flow In Older Systems?
If you have been using a pleated filter for a long time - 2-8 years plus, with no problem, than I would say you are keeping your
coil clean so stay with a pleated filter with the same Merv rating.  If you have a metal or plastic electrostatic filter that you are
washing, then we recommend that you change it to a pleated filter. You can never get the electrostatic filter clean enough and
they restrict your air flow when they get dirty which will cause your electric bill to increase. If you are using a Hogs Hair washable
filter, we do not recommend this type of filter either for the same reason, you can not get them clean enough and small particles
go through the filters onto your coil.  We recommend you change it to an EZ Flow or Polyester Flat Panel filter. You can find both
of them on our 1" Filters page.
Is It Necessary To Look At Air Condition Or Furnace Filters Reviews On A Website?
Yes, It Is Always A Good Idea To Look At The Air Condition and Furnace Filters Reviews.  This Is a Great Way To See The
Description Of Each One Of The Filters Before You Make a Purchase.

You Can Go To Our Air Conditioner Filters Reviews Page. It Will Give You Some Very Useful Information To Help You Decide
Which Air Condition Or Furnace Filter That Best Suits Your Needs.

We Are Concerned About The Air That You Breathe.  We Want To Make Sure You Are Breathing The Cleanest Air Possible By
Purchasing The Correct Air Condition Or Furnace Filters That Is Right For You And Your Family.
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If My Air Conditioner is Whistling and Sucking Too Hard, What Should I Do?
Depending on your situation, if your unit is located in a closet with a louvered door, make sure the door is clean so that the air can
pass through the slots or you can leave the door open a little to let more air through. Also you want to make sure you change your
filter on a regular basis. Never leave your 1” filter in for more than 2 months. Another way is if you have a pleated filter, do not use
one with a higher Merv rating than an 8. If that still doesn't work, we suggest you purchase our Flanders EZ Flow Filter or our
White Polyester AC or Furnace Filters, they work better without restricting your air flow, which keeps your electric bill down.
What is a Furnace Filter?
A furnace filter is a removable filter that is located between the air intake and the furnace motor. The purpose of this filter is to
stop airborne particles and dust from entering and producing damage to your furnace. Typically manufactures use the standard
Fiberglass Furnace Filters, but others use the washable furnace filters, which we do not recommend, they just let too many
particles through the filter. We recommend our Flanders EZ Flow Filters.

After the primary job of protecting the motors of the furnace from dust, it also will help improve the efficiency by increasing the
airflow. Without using a filter, the furnace would get clogged from the dust and debris, which in turn, will make the furnace work
harder and probably break down, this is the basic reasons for using furnace filters.  Although, originally used to protect the motor
of the furnace, furnace filters have come a long way and have been redesigned to take into consideration more environmental
issues in today’s market. Furnace filters are able to improve the indoor air quality by trapping dust, dirt, debris, pollen, smoke, etc.  
In order to maintain your furnace system and at the same time improving your indoor air quality, we suggest you should look at a
higher quality furnace filter such as our Flanders Polyester Filters.
Fiberglass has been used in AC or Furnace Filters of the same type that has been protecting furnaces and central air conditioners.
The filtering media is continuous filament spun glass. A resistance bonding agent provides rigidity and resistance to media
compression. UL marking appears on the filter frame. These filters have been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. and
classified as UL 900 Class 2 for flammability.  If this is a concern, you can choose our Flanders Polyester Filters.
When I Call To Place An Order Or Order Online, Who Will Be Taking My Order?
You will always be talking to the owners who have your best interest at heart from the start to finish, by making sure your order is
correct.  Mark or Michelle, owners of AC Filters 4 Less, will be answering your call and processing your order.  When you need to
contact us for any reason we will go above and beyond to make sure you are a happy customer.  After your order is placed, we
will email you a confirmation of your order.  We will also send you another email informing you that your filters have shipped and
provide you with the UPS Tracking number.  

Thank you for allowing us to serve your Air Condition and Furnace Filter needs.
I Do Not Know What Type of AC Filter or Furnace Filter To Buy?
There is a lot to consider when purchasing an AC or Furnace Filter for your home. First, how old is your HVAC system? What type
of filter have you been using? If it’s a pleated accordion type filter, then stay with the same type and Merv rating. If you don’t know
the Merv rating, then purchase a Merv 8 pleated filter. The brand of filter doesn’t matter. There is a good chance that the
evaporator coil in your AC or Furnace system is still clean.  To keep the coil staying that way, do not use a lesser quality filter than
suggested.  If your AC or Furnace system is 6-8 years or older, you need to find out what type of filter the previous owner/tenant
has been using. It is best to stay with the same comparable filter with what has been used in the past. You need to be careful not
to put a pleated or high Merv rated pleated filter in an older unit.  If you had an electronic air cleaner, or a washable electrostatic
filter you can replace it with a Merv 8-13 pleated filter which is best.

For more technical information about choosing the correct type of filter for you and your family, you can always call Mark Platt,
owner of AC Filters 4 Less, at 954-588-7774 and he will be glad to help you choose the correct filter for your needs. He has been
in the field for over 35 years and will always have your best interest at heart.
Holding Frame With Disposable Media Filter Pads Merv 8